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This Accurate Color Illustrated Interactive Text Book is photo-related color science for mere-mortals. This heavily-illustrated and Interactive Book edition will open your eyes to the world of color.

If you like following the text, interacting with pictures on the page, and making notes while you listen to the book being narrated…

this Accurate Color Illustrated  Interactive Audio Text Book edition is for you.



The Accurate Color Illustrated  Interactive Audio Video Text Book  edition combines the Interactive audio edition with video productions of all nine chapters (approximately 1.5 total hours of animated video). Both editions include chapter reviews and quizzes, an embedded glossary, interactive graphics, and direct links to additional resources.

        he Accurate Color Interactive Audio Text Book: an Interactive Text Book with the addition of narrated audio of all instructional pages and chapters. This audio edition of the Accurate Color series includes chapter reviews, an embedded glossary, interactive graphics, quizzes, dynamic diagrams, hot links to more resources, and more. If you want to really know what makes digital photography tick- you need this book.


         ll editions cover the same material; the video editions are simply more visual, making the materials more interesting and the concepts  easier to grasp. I believe that the information contained in either of these editions will make the color in your photography more predictable and the color in your images more accurate.




Accurate Color High Definition Videobook

The Accurate Color Videobook is both highly entertaining and educational.  Except for the interactive diagrams and chapter quizzes, this edition is presented totally in High Definition Video. The Introduction session and all eight teaching sessions provide a total of approximately 1.5 hours of animated visuals. All videos play in 1280 x 720, H.264 format.


Interactive Illustrated Text Book Interactive Illustrated Audio Text Book Interactive Illustrated Audio Video Text Book


Critical Color Theory
for Photographers